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    Australian Golfer Minjee Lee Merciless Run During The US Open

    In sports, you can truly discover someone’s true character during the most significant moments on the biggest stages. Asian-Australian Golfer Minjee Lee was ruthless and showed the world she was here to stay. Naturally, the nerves began to take a toll on her prior to and even during the match. Dreaming of this moment her entire life it seems only right that one would be nervous. However, the icing on the cake is the winner of the match is granted $2.5 million rewards, so this always helps any nerves anyone may be having.

    The performance she displayed at the 2022 US Women’s Open at Pine Needles ranks among the greatest performances in Australian golf history. The start she got off to was just almost impossible to overcome for any opposing golfers. Lee’s mental and physical fatigue proved to be so strong throughout the match because the majority of golfers getting off to a hot start like that flame out towards the 11th-13th hole. However, she managed to carry that momentum throughout the majority of the match.

    Struggles Lee Faced During the US Open

    The US Open tends to be the Super Bowl for golfers around the world. The course is designed to be difficult and rugged.  The whole idea is to test every individual aspect of a golfer’s game. Naturally, the best golfer will come out victorious and it will separate the good from the elite.

    Minjee Lee’s golf coach Ritchie Smith speaks very highly of her accomplishment. He describes the entire situation with the stars aligning and really being a special moment for Minjee Lee. All the hard work and efforts have proven to be fruitful for Lee and were a big picture moment. It appears the moment happened at the right place and time for Lee and Smith. These two clearly have a special bond like many great athletes have had throughout the past.

    “We’ve known for a long time that she has the talent and she’s got the work ethic, but I think belief and the ability to handle the situation where she’s the drawcard has been a big project of hers,” Smith said.

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