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    ATL’s YicTitan Ascends To Greater Heights On ‘How It Go’

    It’s crazy how life goes. One day you’re in one place, then the next day you’re embarking on a different journey. Even if that journey doesn’t change, you can expect the surrounding people to. Atlanta artist YicTitan convinced me to keep it pushing and to charge those things to the game in his new single “How It Go”.

    So Slept On

    YicTitan is ATL’s best-kept secret. If you know, you know. But if you don’t let me educate you on why Yic is so slept on. For one, I realized that I don’t hear that many artists whose vocals sound so crystal clear. No lie, auto-tune is. But Yic’s music made me reconsider that statement. He makes an ample effort to bring something new with his unique voice.

    One of a Kind Talent

    Me talking about it does not do him justice, but experiencing his new song and video for “How It Go” effectively does. With production by Nate22, he gets the vibe right for YicTitan to ascend past the atmosphere. Every time Yic drops, he manages to raise my expectations because he exceeds them every time!

    The accompanying video is also fire. Orange seems to be the go-to color of the video, and it’s very fitting. Orange has always been associated with warmth and determination, which are all great adjectives to describe YicTitan’s fiery emotions. We see different scenes of him vibin’ out and appreciating his success. Even when people around him change up, he stays the course because he knows “How It Go”.

    You’re not going to find too many artists as consistent as YicTitan. Unaffected by the bullshit, in every release, he gives it his all, just like he did on this one. Start your week off correctly with some new visuals that will motivate you to get off your ass.

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