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    ATL’s Trackhwk Validates His Legitimacy On ‘Itty Bitty’

    The one thing I hate about today’s rappers is that everyone wants to be harder than hard. These artists are acting like they are emotionless, but little do they know, they are limiting their potential reach. By limiting themselves to one style, they are alienating their female audience. And everyone knows that female supporters go harder than their male counterparts. A young Atlanta artist who goes by Trackhwk has already cracked the code.

    Putting People on Notice

    Trackhwk made a grand entrance on his first ever song, “Ain’t Gon Stop”, locking in with fellow Atlanta artist Luh Dino. Both of them were deep in their bag for how nice their verses were, especially Trackhwk. Dino’s automatic clip of bars followed behind Trackhwk’s menacing lyrics hit the spot. They both played their part to a tee, exposing the world to the drill side of Atlanta music.

    If you’re wondering what the young artist has been up to since then, he’s been cooking up in the lab and perfecting his sound. His new single “Itty Bitty” showcases his growth and that he’s on a mission to take this rap shit far. It doesn’t feel like this is his third song, his flows sound like he’s been here before. Most artists don’t hit their stride on their third song, but he’s built different.

    Catering to the Ladies

    I wonder what made him go with the Paper Planes’ sampled beat. It’s a very fascinating selection, to say the least. Regardless, great thinking by Trackhwk to make a song catered to women. We guarantee this song to make the ladies dance and possibly blow up on TikTok. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a dope song that men will appreciate.

    Don’t blink because Trackhwk might be next up based on his recent singles. You must listen to his last single “Itty Bitty”, you trying to turn up right.

    Be sure to follow Tracckhwk on Instagram.

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