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    ATL’s S.U.R.F. Releases Incredible Visuals For “Interstellar”

    Ever since Andre 3000 said at the Source Awards, “the South got something to say” they haven’t taken their foot off necks since that day. Think about it, basically, Southern rap stars dominated every decade. From the ’90s to the 2000s, and even the 2010s, other regions started copying the South’s swag after seeing they were the tastemakers of the country. The South was always ahead of the culture and responsible for making things cool before they weren’t. One artist from Atlanta, who goes by S.U.R.F. is a prime example that the South can predict the next wave, no pun intended.

    The New Atlanta

    Although we are only 2 years into this current decade, it’s already apparent who’s winning the region race when it comes to having the best talent. Atlanta’s S.U.R.F. is placing himself in a prime position to lead the next generation through his hard work. If you are wondering what his acronym stands for, it represents the phrase “Someone U Regret Forgetting”. I think that’s very spot on because anyone that sleeps on his music is making a big mistake and will soon regret it.

    The proof is in the pudding that S.U.R.F. is nothing like these other artists. Energy is everything to me when I listen to an artist. And that is something he takes pride in with every release. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself on his newest release, “Interstellar”. At a run-time of 1 minute and a half, S.U.R.F gets straight to the point of how he is feeling. Even though most of his songs are brasher, don’t get it twisted. Just because he likes to rage, it doesn’t mean he still isn’t in touch with his emotions. I think that’s why I prefer younger artists. They aren’t afraid to switch things up and try new shit. That’s why I like this song. It’s cool seeing S.U.R.F. do something different and out of the box.

    Interstellar Love

    The video for this single truly complements it and brings his creative vision to life. Directed by Atlanta-based IJU Productions, the visuals feel almost surreal. The whole video takes place in a lake as S.U.R.F. sings his heart out to his lover. He talks about how badly he wants her and how he plans to cherish her. The video is very touching, and I appreciate him for allowing himself to be vulnerable like he was.

    I just want to go to outer space after listening to this track. If you need a song to space out to, then “Interstellar” is the one for you.

    Be sure to follow S.U.R.F. on Instagram.

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