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    ATLANTA Rapper JunoGloc Stays Away From Negativity In New Single 2Cent

    A common problem I’ve noticed among today’s youth is their thoughts. They are too clouded. A multitude of factors, with most people blaming sensory overload, could cause this. I’ve been waiting for an artist to help me get rid of this excess clutter in my brain, and I think I found him.

    Star in the Making

    An artist out of Atlanta who goes by Junogloc has recently caught my attention. Every so often in life, I find an artist, whom I can instantly tell is a star in the making, and Junogloc is my newest addition to this list.

    With his parents being New Yorkers, this had to play some part in his developmental years and musical influence. His parents instilled in him to always stay true to himself. New Yorkers are notoriously known for calling out people who are noticeably trying too hard and are obvious pretenders. His music isn’t as brash but maintains that same realness. Even though he was raised in Atlanta, Juno keeps that same fearless attitude in his music.

    Coming from a cultural mecca like Atlanta, you can tell it made him have a greater appreciation for art and what it represented. All his music feels like it contains a healing factor, medicine to the soul.

    His newly released single, “2Cent” featuring Sabrina is a great introduction to all new fans. It is introspective and demonstrates his ability to be an outstanding leader and an independent thinker. The subject matter ranges from self-fulfillment and navigating through life twists and turns. He’s not a pastor, but he’s doing some preaching in this song.

    Back for More

    If you thought the first half was good, you’ll love the second half of the song. He slows things down so that he can give thanks to the life he lives. I know he’s going to make it in the music industry by continuously letting listeners see his authentic self.

    Despite all the bad in the world, it’s good to know someone is trying to restore peace and tranquility. Go check out Junogloc’s new song, “2Cent”.



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