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    Atlanta Artist Quavo Let’s Fans In On The Next Biggest Movie Franchise

    In the world of the rich and famous, Quavo, the lead singer of Migos, is thriving. He’s making significant strides in entertainment, appearing on popular TV shows like “Atlanta” and “Black-ish.” Quavo is a dominant force in both music and TV and is now gearing up for his big-screen debut in the action-packed film “Takeover.”

    Filming began in July, and the movie will be released in 2023, just a few months from now. Quavo aims to turn it into a major franchise, generating high expectations. He’s also teamed up with his label Quality Control and the innovative Trioscope to offer fans an unforgettable immersive experience. Exciting times ahead!

           Triscope Partners With Quavo’s Quality Control

    via Stereogum

    Quavo’s Quality Control is expanding its ventures and seizing new opportunities. They’ve added Quality Films, focusing on showcasing and producing new movies. Additionally, they’ve partnered with Trioscope to bring Quavo’s Takeover film to life.

    Trioscope is revolutionizing filmmaking with advanced technology, capturing authentic emotions in live-action performances and making CG sets more affordable and adaptable. They’ve worked on successful projects like “The Liberator” on Netflix and George RR Martin’s “Night of Cooters.” Quality Control’s collaboration with Trioscope secures a significant place in film history.

    Fans Can Join the Takeover World Franchise

    Quality Control’s partnership with Trioscope has led to exciting innovations in the film industry. They have big plans for upcoming projects, including Quavo’s Takeover film. Trioscope’s co-production and technological expertise will elevate the movie.

    Moreover, they introduced Takeover World, a groundbreaking Web3-enabled community. Fans can actively engage in the immersive world of the Takeover film franchise and contribute to its creation. Quavo expressed his excitement about this project’s future.

    Fans can join the Takeover World Discord community, offering perks like appearing as extras in the film, attending the wrap party, and meeting the creators and cast, including Quavo. With fan support and Trioscope’s assistance, the franchise will be shaped even before its release. This is an incredible opportunity.

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