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    Artist, Producer Jay Continues Hot Streak With “LOOSIES, Vol 4”

    There’s no way that there are artists out there that think they can make it without hard work. It’s almost impossible to make it big by doing just the bare minimum. It’s nothing like an artist who understands the importance of having a great work ethic. That’s why I appreciate rising Atlanta artist/producer Jay. who’s been recently killing it with his LOOSIES mixtape series.

    Taking No Breaks

    I never understood why indie artists took extended breaks of not dropping music. Instead, they should be more like Jay. and aim to be as consistent as possible. He caught my attention because I peeped he was dropping these projects every week. And once I found the time, I checked them out, and my favorite has to be the most recent one, LOOSIES VOL. 4.

    Even though it’s short, this 2-song project packs a punch. It’s straight to the point and there’s no filler. As weird as it might sound, I have a low attention span and it’s hard for me to listen to projects in order. So this project is perfect because I can shuffle it and it’s still enjoyable. He makes you question why most artists don’t do quick projects.

    It’s not even a hard choice of what the superior song is in this pack, because it’s easily “Ball Out!”. You will instantly fall in love with how simple and catchy it is. I kept finding myself repeating the hook “I just wanna ball”. This song truly showed me that there is no ceiling for his success because he knows how to successfully make a stand-alone single.

    No Features Needed

    I’m happy that there are no features because they would’ve taken the focus away from Jay.’s brilliance. He might not be the biggest artist out right now. His impressive streaming numbers will come long as he continues making dope music with replay value.

    Be sure to follow Jay. on Instagram for new releases.


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