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    Atlanta Rapper Kenarri Shines Bright On Summer Single ‘Done Up’

    After the success of hosting/headlining her own charity concert that included fellow emerging artists, Kenarri’s name has been buzzing in the Atlanta music scene. Her new single “Done Up” has the potential to be an empowering anthem for young women across the world.

    Peach State Princess

    She grew up in Southside of Atlanta and has always had a strong passion for writing and storytelling. What started off as writing innocent poems and short stories later grew into writing full-length songs as she got older.

    Even though she considers herself a late bloomer with music, her discography and talent say otherwise. In some songs, she may hit you with sharp precise bars that cut you by how raw they are or she might float on a song with her melodic and relaxing voice.

    Her new single continues and builds upon the momentum she built from her prior EPs “Dragon Year” and “The Only Way Out Is Through”. The Atlanta artist doesn’t seem like she will slow down soon.

    Produced by fellow South Atlanta producer Kenny Stuntin from “The Playmakers” this is their fiercest collaboration to date. He lays the foundation for her to speak her mind on current issues.

    Kenarri’s Powerful Affirmation

    No one deserves to be unhappy, and be in a situation they don’t want to be a part of anymore.

    It’s okay to remove yourself from a situation you don’t see working out. Kenarri knows all about that and gives a tutorial to all women that they don’t have to put up with that negativity in their life.

    Kenarri encourages the listener in her lyrics to get “Done Up” and move how they want to.

    Every summer a female rapper sweeps the nation with an upbeat song that makes you feel good, and this song is capable of that.

    “Get rid of everything that makes you feel less than worth it! Get done up, and forget about it!”

    She has easily saved herself a spot on my artists-to-watch list heading into the second half of 2022. It’s something captivating about her voice, and the way she uses her voice to inspire and lead the next generation.





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