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    Asian Rapper Jay Park Receives Backlash For Offensive Lyric

    Rap music has always been regarded as an unapologetic music genre. For years, the music genre has received criticism for using sexual slander and violent imagery. Fortunately, some emcees have decided to change the game for the better. More importantly, they have refused to use offensive visuals and verbiage in their bars. However, Jay Park clearly isn’t apart of that movement. Recently, the Asian rapper came under fire for using an offensive lyric in his remixed track “Mukkbang.” Some rappers just take things too far.

                             Jay Park’s Offensive Lyric

    offensive lyric
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    Despite having successfully integrated himself into the rap culture, Jay Park just took two steps backward with the release of his remix for “Mukkbang.” Recently, the star faced immediate backlash after comparing himself to the Islamic God Allah on the remixed track. Even new artists know that mixing religious figures with rap isn’t a good idea. Furthermore, critics criticized Jay Park for his lack of respect towards the Islamic religion. One disappointed fan wrote, “When will these artists stop using Islamic things for their aesthetics and have a basic decency for our religion ? Its too normalized and they sweep it under the rug everytime :(.” Unfortunately, artists don’t do their homework recording a lyric. Making matters worse, Jay Park tried to defend his usage of the offensive lyric. “It’s not a big deal.” Clearly, the Asian rapper addressed the backlash with the wrong response.

                             Fans School The Rapper

    offensive lyric
    via Koreaboo

    Jay Park didn’t see any harm in using the offensive lyric in his song. Though, fans made sure to school him. Moreover, his earlier response immediately changed after the rap star issued an apology to his fanbase last Thursday. “As I read the comments (not the hateful ones but the ones actually trying to educate me on it’s offensive). . . . It’s not my place to use something that means so much to Muslim people in my rap lyrics freely. I apologize to all my Muslim fans,” the rapper tweeted. Hopefully, he’s learned a viable lesson.


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