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    Asian Doll Charges An Arm & A Leg For A Feature

    Some celebrities want their money’s worth and then some. Nowadays rappers charge a hefty price for doing features. Though, Asian Doll basically charges an arm and a leg to do a verse. The 24-year-old let the music world know that she’s not the one to play when it comes to making money. The Fight Night star revealed that she charges five figures for a single feature. Though, don’t expect any family and friend’s discount. Asian Doll doesn’t care who you are, she wants her money paid in full.

                          She Charges An Arm & A Leg

    an arm & a leg
    via SNOBETTE

    Asian Doll understands the value of the music business and how she can make a profit, especially when it comes to doing a feature. The Fight Night rapper took to Twitter on Thursday to reveal her asking price for a verse. Be prepared, the 24-year-old doesn’t come cheap. “Friend or not I’m charging you $15k for a verse & $25k for the song & video,” she tweeted with a shrug emoji. Additionally, the 24-year-old striked a cheeky pose at the camera sporting some cool white shades. Her makeup and hair were styled perfectly to go with her all-white outfit. When asking for a feature from Asian Doll, she’ll charge you an arm and a leg. Though, she’ll make it worth your wild.

                She Supported Kylie Jenner During 60K Backlash

    an arm & a leg
    via SNOBETTE

    Clearly a supporter of businesswomen, Asian Doll stood by Kylie Jenner for her 60K GoFundMe campaign. The reality star asked fans to chip in the amount to help cover medical expenses for her former makeup artist, Samuel Rauda.

    The makeup artist was severely injured in a car accident. Unfortunately, fans didn’t seem all that sympathetic to her friend’s situation. They immediately took to Twitter to criticize and ridicule Kylie Jenner for failing to pay the 60K herself. Although, the reality star did donate $5,000 herself but that didn’t stop the backlash. Immediately, fans expressed their disgust that Jenner had the nerve to ask the “working class” for money, especially when she’s worth $900 million. Basically, to fans, she’s asking them to pay an arm and a leg for her friend’s surgery.

    Fortunately, Asian Doll came to Jenner’s defense on the matter. The 24-year-old argued that Jenner can’t spend her money all the time. Still, Jenner’s asking price was an arm and a leg. Lucky for Samuel Rauda, she was able to raise $99,000 to help pay for the surgery last Sunday. In the end, her friend received the medical attention he needed.

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