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    Ashton Adams Talks New Music, Being A Canadian Artist

    Ashton Adams Praises Canadian Music Industry

    Ashton Adams thinks it “is amazing working in the Canadian music industry”. Everyone seems to know everybody and it is just such a warm, inviting and diverse community. Canada has put out some of the biggest artists in the world like Drake and Justin Bieber but we also have such a powerful roster of dance acts such as Kaytranada, Felix Cartel, 4Korners, 401 WST, Shaun Frank and many more!

    “Overall I love this country and love the music community,” Adams said.

    He says that he is used to the vibe in Florida because his mom is originally from Hollywood, Florida.

    “I have been traveling to Florida every year even before I began making music,” Adams recalled.

    Ashton Adams always remembered seeing guys driving these big donks and hearing their big subwoofers and just always loved feeling those big 808’s sitting in his cousins’ cars. He feel he was always destined to make bass and tech house and just music with big 808’s and just an epic feel to it.

    “I can say that has been one of the influences of working in Miami that I didn’t necessarily get back in Canada,” Adams explained.

    Adams’ Creative Process

    Adams’ environment and even mood does greatly affect his creative process. He does love collaborating with other artists, but when he’s in the zone and working he likes to be alone and can be very introverted when creating music.

    Ashton Adams is most definitely not a trap artist. He would say that he is more in the bass house lane with influences from tech house and g house with a pinch of UK house.

    Moreover, Adams says that he was first inspired to make music because he “used to have a severe form of Tourette’s and could not sit still for the life of him. He continues, “But, when I create music I can be sitting in my studio for hours at a time. I also love the process of creating music that you love and just being able to experiment with different sounds and textures but also seeing people truly enjoy and dance to your music.”

    Adams, “Nukky and Cap E (100M’s) wanted “HOV” to be hard hitting and raw, but most importantly they wanted people to be able to have fun and turn up to the track which Adams believes that they accomplished! He shouts out Bryan ‘BC’ Cockett who mixed and mastered the track.

    Exploring Professional Relationships

    When asked to describe his relationship with Orlando McGhee Adams responded, “Orlando [McGhee] is the man!!”  At the time, Orlando was the Senior Vice President at Roc Nation and having such a well-respected industry vet like himself believe in Adams’ music was just so awesome and motivating. He is now at ONErpm and they have been absolutely amazing and easy to work with.

    “I am able to release music whenever I want and they believe and trust in the vision I have for my music and where I want it to go which means a lot to me.” Adams said.

    Ashton Adams elaborates how Canada truly has created its own lane within the global rap community. It has a distinct sound which he thinks is really cool. Canada also has the biggest rapper in the world so it’s hard to compare anything to Drake.
    Adams details what his life would look like if music wasn’t in the picture. But it seems like music is his life.
    “Music and sports, specifically football, were my life and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else,” Adams said. “My only two options were playing in the NFL or being a musician!”

    His main inspirations are Marten Horger, Kanye for his drive and passion for his music, Diplo, Carnage and Slipknot.

    Lastly, Ashton Adams hopes his music continues to reach the world.

    “I am working towards playing a lot of shows, connecting with everyone and having good times with my team and friends!” Adams exclaimed.

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    1. I love the “Bob Marley” jacket worn in that video!
      I like the style of his sound. Pretty hard to compete with Drake but looking forward to hearing more of his music.
      Music is so healing, on so many different levels. So many neurological illnesses seem to have symptom improvement with music.

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