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    ASAP Rocky Embraces The Unknown With Fearless Energy

    Tomorrow Isn’t Promised

    For ASAP Rocky, it was all good just a week ago. That’s how simple life can be. However, in the blink of an eye, a person’s life can change forever. Escaping your past is a never-ending race in life, and the finish line is inside a person’s mind.

    In fact, rising from poverty, family conflict, racism, and street violence doesn’t happen for everyone. Emerging from the depths of darkness and becoming a bright light in the world is a life-changing experience.

    Moreover, creating a new life includes removing any and everything negative from a person’s environment. Risking everything to gain everything you desire arrives at an ultimate price. Growing up Black in New York is a unique experience from any other city in America. Living in the world’s ‘concrete jungle’ includes living fast and potentially dying young. Living in the chaos, opportunity, and pain of New York creates a distinctive hustler mentality.

    Believing anything is possible and never compromising principles reflects the mindset of New Yorkers. Hustling from sun up to sun down represents pure survival. Therefore, it is important to understand that tomorrow isn’t promised and every second counts to manifest your dreams. In addition, reaching the heights of super-stardom in hip-hop requires a different level of hustle.

    Rose that Grew through Concrete

    Surpassing over eight million people to become a superstar within a 1% market is unthinkable. Pushing through the mountain of obstacles, death threats, racial bias, and personal demons is a tight rope few can walk. Rakim Mayers, aka ASAP Rocky, is one of the biggest music stars worldwide with a reported net worth of $10 million.

    Amassing millions of social media followers, fans, and global recognition, ASAP Rocky is a rose that grew from concrete. But the greatest gift to the world is creating a child. Children can extend a person’s greatness and legacy.

    ASAP Rocky’s life is at the intersection of bliss and incarceration. With everything Rocky accomplished, survived, and fought through is on the line. ASAP Rocky is a natural-born leader and survivor. Nothing else matters to ASAP Rocky except defending his name, telling his truth, and being the finest father in the world.

    Having a child changes a person’s entire life perspective and vision. ASAP Rocky may be an icon to the world. However, he’ll just be known as ‘dad’ to his unborn child.


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