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    Artistnameleon Evolves, Has More In Store For 2022

    Finding Your Purpose

    Pursuing a dream is an endless pursuit of perfection, and there is no instruction book for guidance. Traveling down dark roads of uncertainty requires unshakeable faith in oneself in addition to balancing sanity and reality daily.

    Finding your purpose is expensive, and it involves being 100% honest with your deepest insecurities. Furthermore, staring into the mirror of great expectation and reality takes a strong mindset. In fact, understanding your limitations is an essential ingredient inside the formula of success. Knowing what you can’t do allows a person to maximize their true potential besides surrounding themselves with the right people.

    Beauty of Hip-Hop

    Being the world’s No. 1 music format for over 20 years, hip-hop defines Black excellence. Affecting every aspect of pop culture, hip-hop transforms gifted and educated Black youth into billionaires. Without a doubt, rap music contains a unique advantage that no other music format can match.

    Rapping is not just yelling words over a microphone; it’s a unique form of poetry infused with raw human emotions. Converting visions of pain and despair into powerful lyrics of hope is the mastery of hip-hop. Above all, seeing Black, supremely talented young people rapping their way out of the hood is pure genius.

    The Rise of Artistnameleon

    Major recording artist Artistnameleon  illuminates the definition of evolution. Navigating through this rap game as an indie artist is not for the faint of heart. Artistnameleon’s focus from day one included ownership, creating timeless music, and empowering the next generation of aspiring artists. Achieving over 3 million digital streams across all platforms, he never became content.

    Dropping visual and audio content non-stop, he continued to expand his vision globally. Unquestionably releasing “More to Do”, which serves as another reflection of his hip-hop creative genius. Besides highlighting his natural-born gift of storytelling, “More To Do” embodies the high energy vibration in rap music and sheds light on his multi-talented rap skills. Artistnameleon continues to develop and has “More to Do” in 2022.

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