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    Arnez Reid Introduces SKOOLDAGOON to HypeFresh

    Born into Pain

    Major Recording Artist Arnez Reid, aka SKOOLDAGOON’s life story, filled with pain, betrayal, street politics, and hip-hop music. Since birth, Arnez Reid has never had a shoulder to lean on or a golden parachute to safe ground.

    He always understood life would never be fair or provide an equal opportunity to succeed. Also, as a child, he witnessed America’s ugliest crimes, murders, and bias racism.

    Besides his father involving him in face-to-face drug deals and abnormal transactions.

    Clearly, Arnez Reid is not your average rapper or entrepreneur. Unlike most kids growing up in a traditional family arrangement, streets guided SKOOLDAGOON childhood training.

    Undoubtedly, being raised by the ‘stop sign’ created different internal survival instincts and life viewpoints.

    Abnormal Childhood Experience

    Besides calculating every move to make it home alive every night, SKOOLDAGOON learned the rules of engagement overnight despite these death-defying situations.

    Rap music changed and transformed pop culture like no other movement in history. They created rap music from the musical creativity of Black people.

    We should note that America did not embrace rap music in the beginning. Without a doubt, most people assumed it would only last for a short period.

    The Unstoppable Force of Hip-Hop

    However, they never imagined Hip-Hop becoming the world’s most popular and in-demand music format. Rap music’s impact on youth culture is undeniable. Young people view rap lyrics and lifestyle as a religion.

    Rap music shines a bright light on America’s truths and lies. We should note that Hip-Hop never allows America to hide from its responsibility to the Constitution.

    SKOOLDAGOON’s gift from God is hip-hop, and he is fully aware of his responsibility to fulfill his destiny. Every inmate behind the wall connected to SKOOLDAGON lives their lives through his music.

    However, his latest single, ‘JPAID,’ paints a colorful view of luxury, indulgence, as well as the reward of successful hustle. ‘JPAID’ is available inside the JPAY and GTL music networks.

    SKOOLDAGOON’s music being available for millions of inmates desperately seeking inspiration, fantasy, street dreams, and hope beyond the wall is a dream come true. SKOOLDAGOON is CEO of KITCHENTALKMUSIC, LLC and Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.

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