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    Ariana Grande Shares Message With Victims Of Manchester Bombings

    Being, in the eye certainly has its advantages. Artists also encounter numerous obstacles, within their profession. Back in 2017, Ariana Grande made her journey to Europe for her “Dangerous Woman” Tour. However, it hadn’t been a pleasant experience. After her performance in Manchester, England, the singer became the victim of a violent terrorist bombing. The attack left several concert goers injured, some even dead. Since the terrorist bombing, Grande has healed and asked fans to do the same. Every year the singer honors the memory of those affected by the Manchester Bombing. This Saturday the 27 year old singer sent a heartfelt message to all the survivors of that dreadful attack.

                         The 2017 Manchester Bombing

    Manchester Bombing
    via Billboard

    It can be hard to move on with our lives after a traumatic event. Ariana Grande had a concert at Manchester Arena on May 22, 2017, during her Dangerous Woman tour. After the show, a bomb detonated in the foyer area just as 14,200 attendees exited the venue. On that frightful night, 500 people were left injured, and 22 victims died. At the time, authorities deemed the incident both a terrorist attack and a suicide bombing.

    The aftermath of the terrorist attack led the singer to develop PTSD. Even in her ill mental state, the singer pushed on. She returned to Manchester to do a benefit concert for the victims of the attack. These days, she’s healing with the help of family and friends. She’s not yet recovered from the traumatic event but makes an effort to focus on the positive.

    Ariana Grande Honors Victims Of The Terrorist Attack

    Manchester Bombing
    via The Guardian

    Even though she tries to move forward, Grande still honors the victims of the terrorist attack. This year marked the fourth anniversary of the Manchester bombing victims and Grande paid her respects via social media.

    Furthermore, the “POV” singer shared a heartfelt message to fans about the traumatic event. “Grief is always with us, and our connection to it continues to change and manifest in various ways every day, throughout the year. … I understand that this anniversary will never be effortless. Just know that I am keeping you in my thoughts today,” the singer shared on her Instagram story on May 22. In continuation of the post, Grande also wrote a list of the victims of the Manchester bombing. We can only imagine how hard of a task it must be for the singer to talk about the terrorist attack.

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