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    Ariana Grande Came Under Fire For Escape Room Video

    Some people think of celebrities as perfect human beings. Little do they know that they’re capable of making mistakes, too. Often times, they come under fire for every little thing they do.

    Recently, Ariana Grande received major backlash for mocking Native American culture during an Escape Room game. This isn’t the first time the star has been criticized for cultural appropriation. Unfortunately, Grande won’t be able to escape her latest stunt, especially since it’s been shared all over Twitter. Talk about making big mistakes.

                Ariana Grande’s Escape Room Video

    came under fire
    via Pedestrian TV

    Ariana Grande recently tied the knot with luxury real-estate agent Dalton Gomez and the two are having a blast. Furthermore, their first venture out as a married couple happened when they attended an Escape Room in Los Angeles. On June 29th, Ariana Grande re-shared a video from Gomez’s account of their outing to her Instagram stories.

    In the footage, Grande sits in the middle singing while Gomez and their friends circled her. All them wore costumes attributed to Native America culture. Furthermore, the video only remained on the singer’s account for a few minutes before she took it down. Unfortunately, Ariana Grande didn’t realize her mistake soon enough. Now it’s been shared by several fan accounts and all over social media. It’s like they say, once you make a post, it stays there forever.

                The Singer Comes Under Fire For Video Footage

    came under fire
    via Stylist

    It’s clear that Ariana Grande regretted posting the video the moment fans attacked her. Furthermore, the singer came under fire for allegedly committing cultural appropriation yet again. This girl can’t catch break. Fans accused the singer of mocking Native America culture by using “chants” and “sacred clothing” all to bring forth a spirit. Hence, the Escape Room’s name as “Resurrection.” Plus, every Arianator knows Grande has an obsession with the supernatural. Even so, many fans found the video footage off putting and insulting.

    Although, a handful of Arianators leapt to the “POV” singer’s defense. Some fans even dismissed the chanting and Native American clothes as just part of the game. It seems that the fans can’t agree on whether Ariana Grande is in the wrong or not. Though, it’s interesting that the singer herself has yet to offer an explanation, especially after taking down the video.

    Let us know what you think? Did Ariana Grande commit cultural appropriation again? Or have fans taken things out of context?

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