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    Ari Hicks Unveils Resilient New Single “Sad Ghost”

    Ari Hicks displays her ability to combine inventive production with vulnerability and sincere melodies on her new hit single, “Sad Ghost.”

    “Sad Ghost” showcases a furious tempo and spooky chorus with moonlight synths interspersed with Ari’s fine-tuned melodies floating above an electronic, alternative R&B structure and a lovely unique, pop-driven, well-arranged production.

    Here Ari Hicks displays her incredible angelic voice, which opens up the tremendous track, passing a short message of being too familiar with a sad emotion you shouldn’t have let yourself get comfortable in. Sadly you can’t find a way out of being stuck because it has now become a familiar feeling.

    Ari Hicks has consistently proven herself a proficient artist in making captivating songs packed with a tremendous amount of delicate vocal flow, which she uses to build on the foundation of her atmospheric-driven instrumentation. She has devoted much time to working hard and ensuring she delivers authentic music that turns you into a fan once you hit play.

    Stream “Sad Ghost” on Spotify

    Connect with Ari Hicks: Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Spotify 


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