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    Who’s The Black Sheep of Your Family?

    Okay, we all have one, or a few. But, today I’m talking about the family’s black sheep. Keep in mind, not all black sheep are the same, but like a one size fits all item we’ll all be able to wear the shame of each other’s black sheep.

    Before we proceed, I’ve conducted research on the signs of a black sheep, so inevitably there’ll be a few black sheep reading this. So, welcome, sheep. Now, let’s get to the definition/signs of a black sheep.

    A black sheep is a  disfavored or disreputable (family) member of a group.

    According to Whatculture, there are 10 signs you are the black sheep. If you’re always doing things by yourself, living the life you want and the one your family wants, you may be the black sheep. Hop stepping into the next sign, if you’re family doesn’t respect your job you may be the black sheep, even though a job is a job.

    Interestingly enough, if you feel comfortable calling your elderly family members by their first names, you may be the black sheep. After three questionable signs, the fourth sign of being the black sheep is feeling awkward at family gatherings. (Wait, you mean I’m a black sheep?) Then again, Thanksgiving dinner is better than whatever they’re packing into the food at my university’s dining hall. Also then again, I have to be patronized about my studies, so all it balances out.

    Hitting home a bit too much, the next sign is being at the center of every argument. I feel this on a spiritual level. Have you ever gotten into an argument after obtaining an attitude toward someone after they accused you of possessing an attitude when you initially didn’t have one? Because, same. Moving on, the next sign is you’re the adult your elderly family members tell the kids to avoid becoming. (Hey man, more alcohol and drugs for us, right?)

    In all seriousness, more often than not the kids parents tell their kids to avoid, or the black sheep, have their head on a swivel, college educated, and have a decent job. (Take that, Sondra!)

    That said, the next sign indicates not being trusted to babysit as a sign as well. Well, maybe we just don’t want to watch your kids! Better yet, maybe we don’t want kids, so there’s no need to practice. (Well, practice watching them, because we sure are practicing making them).

    Rounding out the list, another sign is if your romantic partner is never accepted by the family. (Mom, or Tanya (remember the third black sheep sign?)I understand you don’t like Julie, because she’s a stripper, but it’s that sole quality that helps me sleep better at night. I need her for survival).

    Back to seriousness, the second to last sign is more than likely the most common, and it’s not being able to do anything right. If this is you, or someone you know, this means “the higher-ups have all come together as a collective with conspiracies to end my run and send (them) a message.” (Thanks, Drake)

    All jokes aside, this black sheep is the lone wolf, and unlike our first sign they more than likely aren’t well off, because of it. And, the last sign drives home the point, as it is when you, or someone you know, feels they don’t belong. While this can happen for a variety of reasons, religious differences, lifestyle choices, etc, at the end of the day your family’s black sheep is just that, your family’s black sheep.
    Being redemptive, it’s important for families to realize that though you might not like specific family members you should love them. To drive home the point, that means sticking up for your family against strangers, friends who put them down, and any other negative entities that may talk down on them.

    Yes, you come in the world alone, via birth, but you spend the most of your waking life, or majority, with family. Indeed, friends come a little later, but they come and go. If you argue with your mom, you’re going to see her again. However, an argument with a friend could sever ties with them the rest of your waking days.

    And, that brings me to another point, make sure you never leave family on bad terms. More than likely you’ll be able to reconcile another day, but one day your parents inevitably won’t wake up. That said, it wouldn’t feel good sitting at the wake pondering your last encounter with them as an argument.

    All in all, as a realist I understand the black sheep label won’t go away, but I wanted to provide an alternative perspective on the topic.

    Let me know your thoughts below!

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