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    Apple iPhone 15 to Feature USB-C Charge Point, Bending to EU Rules

    Apple Embraces USB-C Charging for iPhone 15 Models

    Apple is going to change the charger in their new iPhones! The new iPhones, called iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, will have a different kind of charger called USB-C. It’s not like the charger we used before, which was called Lightning.

    Why are they doing this? Well, there’s a rule in a faraway place called the European Union that says all phones should use the same charger by 2024. This rule wants to help people and the Earth.

    So, why is this good for us?

    First, it means we can use one charger for our iPhone, iPad, and Mac. That’s super easy! Plus, our phones will charge faster, so we don’t have to wait as long.

    But there’s more good stuff. It will help us save money because we won’t need to buy lots of different chargers. And it’s going to help the Earth by making less trash. Imagine 11,000 big elephants worth of trash every year!

    We don’t know yet if this will be everywhere or just in some places, but it’s still exciting! Apple will tell us more on September 12th, and we’ll see the new iPhones.

    So, get ready for new chargers that make our tech stuff easier and better for our planet. Apple is changing things, and it’s going to be awesome!

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