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    Apple’s gearing up for the weight of the iPhone 9

    One man. One idea. One phone.

    According to highsnobiety, Apple and Samsung Display are partnering up, providing OLED panels for three new iPhones.

    The iPhone 8 will be one of the paneled phones, and the other two are presumed to be the iPhone 9 and iPhoneS. The iPhone 9 is projected to have 5.28-inch and 6.46-inch displays, making it the largest iPhone ever.

    All of this got us reminiscing of all of the iPhones over the years. Now, let’s take a look at the history of Steve Jobs’ iPhone.

    In 2007, Jobs’ first conceptual idea of a smartphone was released by Apple. Dubbed the iPhone 2G, the first generation phone sold approximately 6.1 million units.
    Apples gearing up for the weight-1
    The Wall Street Journal said “despite some flaws and feature omissions, the iPhone is: on balance, a beautiful, and breakthrough handheld computer.”

    The New York Times had a positive, but cautious review, primarily because of the slow speed of AT&T’s 2.5G EDGE network and the phone’s inability to connect using 3G services.

    TIME named the the phone the invention of the year.

    With polarization expected, Apple’s marketing slogans centered around the phone were “This is only the beginning…apple reinvents the phone.” Both statements turning out to be true.

    The second generation, the iPhone 3G, came out a year later, selling approximately units within the first week of its release.
    Apples gearing up for the weight-3
    The Wall Street Journal said the device was “a more capable version of an already excellent device”. But, there were “hidden costs”.

    Slogans for the phone ran rapid: “The iPhone you have been waiting for..” and “The first phone to beat the iPhone.” are two that encompass the message Apple wanted to convey.

    In 2008, the third generation Apple phone, the iPhone 3GS.

    The Wall Street Journal said the device was loaded with “new features that makes a great product even better, but for many users, the software may be enough of a boost to keep them from buying the new model.”

    Slogans were at the center of the phone’s release suggesting it was “the fastest, smartest phone yet.”

    Apple has been following this release model ever since, releasing a phone every year. In 2010, it was the iPhone 4 then the 4S in 2011, followed by the 5 in 2012.

    In 2013, the iPhone 5S was released followed by the 6 the following year, and the 6S a year after that.

    But in 2016, Apple had two releases: the iPhone SE and iPhone 7.

    Anticipation is high for the iPhone 8, but that didn’t stop us of looking further into the future at the iPhone 9.

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