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    Anthony Robles Represents Hope For Athletes Around the World

    Anthony Robles is a walking testimony of never stopping to believe in one’s self. Robles going forward will be recognized as a great wrestler, however, he’s so much more than that. He may arguably go down as one of the most influential athletes of all time. Robles was born without his right leg, yet, this disability never stopped him from getting in the way of his future goals. In fact, many don’t know but at an early age of 3, he took off his prosthetic leg and went throughout life proving a point. Anthony Robles always wants recognition for what he was capable of doing instead of what wasn’t capable of doing.

    Prior to graduating his senior year, Robles manage to win two Arizona state championships, according to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Not to mention, his undefeated record (96-0) during his junior and senior years at Mesa High School. Throughout his entire high school career, he managed to win 129 matches while only losing 15 on one leg.

    Although he’s clearly exceptional, many colleges were hesitant to take a chance on him. Yet, this didn’t seem to stop Robles from excelling and making things happen. Later, he enrolled at Arizona State where he had a dominating performance. During his freshman year, he barely missed becoming an All-American.

    Anthony Robles Career Post-Wrestling 

    Robles wrestled at 125 lbs. for the following three years. He worked his way through college competing through the ranks. In his sophomore season he placed fourth; however, in his junior year he placed seventh. Robles capped his collegiate career with a title. Not to mention, in 2011, Robles wins the Outstanding Wrestling Award in 2011. Ultimately, he finished his collegiate career with 122 wins and 23 losses.

    Post-wrestling he was recognized for his accomplishments and perseverance at the ESPYs in 2011. History is beyond moving for athletes all over the world; therefore, he has been rewarded the prestigious Jimmy V Award and the Best Male Athlete with a disability, according to Bleacher Report.

    Anthony’s mother, Judy Robles, spoke briefly on his impact and understanding and seeing he was destined for greatness regardless of his disability.

    “Knowing that he was different, it was kind of like my job as his mom that he never felt it,” Judy said. “Maybe I overdid it in a way. Maybe I wanted him to be so normal that I kind of pushed him.”

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