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    Andrew McFarlane Quests Nashville As A Budding Producer

    Nashville is an everlasting combustion of musical talent from country, rock—alternative and heavy metal genres. Believe it or not, hip-hop as well! According to Visit Music City, Nashville is the common thread that connects the life and soul of the city and its people. Speaking of the city and connections, HypeFresh randomly ran across a budding producer in a popular arcade. Andrew McFarlane sat humbly on his race car chair, offering a smile and some good old competition. He also offered a drink from the over-expensive bar after winning a round. After chatting with Andrew McFarlane for a while, he disclosed his love for music and how he is an upcoming producer in Nashville. Of course, HypeFresh wanted every detail as he offered a unique perspective to our magazine, so we are very excited to hear about his journey.

    Meet Andrew.


    Andrew hails from the Twin Cities of Minnesota; however, in Nashville he is working as a producer as well as a songwriter. He does session work as guitar and bass player. He explains that his longterm goals are to be a songwriter and producer for a lot of great artists. For those artists, he plans to add to their greatness with his talents and expertise. Andrew wants the artists he works with to be the best at work what they do, and that’s music.

    Growing up with Andrew

    McFarlane bragged about growing up in a modest household suffused with a revolving shelf of music like Bob Dylan, AC/DC, The Black Keys, etc. Growing up, the artist proclaimed his honing of his guitar-playing talents, playing for a bunch of bands in high school. During his time at Minnesota State University Moorhead, a college in western Minnesota, he found his passion for production and songwriting. After college, Andrew relocated to Nashville to pursue his dreams. In fact, he’s been producing for about a year now. After composing an EP in college and featuring different singers and drummers, he knew production was his niche.

    Making it Happen

    Andrew McFarlane expressed his love for a plethora of genres; however, he’s focusing more in the pop, country and soul realm. He details his process for making beats and creating potential hits.

    Before the pandemic, the producer explained that playing the guitar in bands was put on hold, allowing him to create space for producing. His passion for producing country and rock is the exact opposite of his upbringing with blues and classic rock. Although guitar melodies play a part in country songs, his love extends beyond that. He loves the  actual storytelling in country music. Country music inspires his endeavors as a songwriter.

    Moreover, he gloated about working with country artist, Aaron Simmons and as a songwriter, he’s worked with Bryan Loweree. He’s also worked with Irish alternative pop artist, Grace Day. In the future, McFarlane hopes to work with Brothers Osborne, a country-rock duo with great songs. Yola, a country-soul artist under Easy Eye Sound, which is The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach’s record label. She has a fantastic voice and is a great songwriter as well. Those two collaborations are definitely on his bucket list.

    McFarlane will be producing a single, an acoustic version of a song for Aaron Simmons, so be on the lookout for that. He’s always cowriting with people every week, always working on demos—demos that could potentially be cut by other artists in the future.

    You can find the awesome producer on Instagram: @andrew_mcfarlane_101, there is a linktree with his EP that he released last year. Andrew McFarlane also has a website that showcases his talents as a session musician, producer and songwriter.


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