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    Andrew Arias’ “Sunsei” Brings Positivity and Affirmations to Hip-Hop

    Andrew Arias has recently released his debut single, “Sunsei,” and it’s already causing waves in the hip-hop scene. The track blends conventional hip-hop elements with a wavy, mesmerizing sound, resulting in a feel-good anthem that encourages self-love and positivity.

    Andrew Arias infuses affirmations into his music as an artist, creating thoughtful, melodic, and inspiring tracks. “Sunsei” is no exception, as it features catchy lyrics that remind listeners to keep their heads held high and to shine their light.

    Born in Miami to Cuban and Dominican parents, Andrew has been influenced by various cultures and sounds, which are evident in his music. Currently based in Oakland, California, he’s working on his debut LP, “Sun Light,” which is sure to be just as uplifting and affirming as “Sunsei.”

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