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    Andrea McLean and Nick Feeney Bare It All in a Hilarious Shower Recreation of a Beloved Christmas Film

    A quick glance at Andrea McLean’s Instagram profile reveals a woman of many talents; she’s a broadcaster, author, keynote speaker, media trainer, brand ambassador, podcast host, and advocate for midlife issues.

    Adding ‘Actress’ to Her Resume

    Now, she can add ‘actress’ to her impressive resume, thanks to her delightful reenactment of a scene from a beloved Christmas film that has spread holiday cheer among her followers.

    A Humorous Holiday Sketch

    The 54-year-old former Loose Women panelist didn’t shy away from the spotlight, even stripping down for a humorous holiday sketch that certainly added to the festive spirit.


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    Her husband, life coach Nick Feeney, 51, joined in the Christmas-themed role play, although his character remained fully dressed.

    Andrea shared with her 302,000 followers that the couple’s hilarious video was a tribute to their favorite Christmas movie. The video was filmed and edited by her daughter Amy.

    Recreating Memorable Scenes from ‘Elf’

    Like many of us, Andrea and Nick are fans of the holiday classic, Elf, which offers a plethora of memorable scenes to recreate.

    However, Andrea didn’t impersonate Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy. That role was played by Nick.

    Instead, Andrea portrayed Jovie, the Gimbel’s store assistant played by Zooey Deschanel in the film. Jovie, known for her singing talent, eventually marries Buddy, who was raised in the North Pole.


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    Their love story, filled with adorable chaos, begins when Buddy overhears Jovie singing ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ in the showers at work.

    Andrea, a fan of the film, perfectly mimicked the Elf star by stripping down, hopping in the shower, and lip-syncing to the song. She later revealed that she was actually wearing a swimsuit during the filming.

    Nick, dressed as Buddy the Elf, enthusiastically joined in the festive song from his perch on the sink.

    The Harmonious Duet Ends in Laughter

    The couple’s harmonious duet ends when Jovie realizes she’s not alone in the bathroom. Andrea, wrapped in a towel, hilariously delivers Jovie’s lines to her husband, who, in true Buddy fashion, covers his eyes, walks into a door, and falls to the ground.

    Their performance was a hit, earning them praise from social media users who filled the comments section with compliments on their acting skills.

    Andrea revealed that the skit was actually filmed four years ago, but she enjoys sharing it every Christmas for her fans’ enjoyment.

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