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    André 3000 Appears In New A24 Trailer

    A New A24 trailer just dropped, and it features André 3000 of OutKast fame! André Benjamin appears alongside star Michelle Williams in what looks to be an intimate portrayal of being a sensitive artist in a world that was not built for sensitive people. Showing Up is directed by Kelly Reichardt.

    This is not Benjamin’s first acting endeavor. He played Jimi Hendrix in 2013, but he has been active in the acting world for the past decade! Though not much is known about André 3000’s role in the new film, the cast itself seems to be diverse. Hong Chau plays Jo.

    In the trailer, André 3000 describes how having seen Jo’s art had given him “such a lift!” Hopefully, this film will explore the mundane world in a richly intimate portrayal! The multicultural nature of the cast should add to this, because real-life differences in perspective help life to not be so boring.

    Do you still go to the movies? Will you be seeing this one? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.


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    1. How come Andre ain’t in the trailer for this movie?
      I will definitely watch this movie (online one day in the future when it’s available).

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