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    An Inside Scoop Of Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson’s Life

    While many recognize NBA insider “Scoop B” as being a radio host, podcaster, host, broadcaster, and journalist, they forget to realize who Brandon Robinson truly is and what he stands for.

    Robinson was born in Newark, New Jersey, but never resided there. However, he was raised and lived a good proportion of his life in West Orange, New Jersey, while splitting time between New York. Robinson jumped around a lot, mainly due to family obligations, but he attended 13 different schools growing up. Not to mention, he attended two different high schools. However, his New York roots are just as pure as his New Jersey roots. Robinson often helped his aunts and uncles out by assisting at the family shoe business, Men’s Walker and The Athlete’s Foot, in Harlem, New York. At the time, this was the only Black-owned shoe store in the entire state of New York.

    “My mother and I always had an inside joke about which level we would take on the George Washington Bridge,” Robinson stated. “It always felt like New Jersey was the hideout while New York felt like it was the place business was conducted. While both states are different in ways they’re extremely similar also.”

    How did “Scoop B” Find an Interest in Sports?

    At the family store, Robinson was exposed to popularity being surrounded by big-time athletes and celebrities often shopping at the family business. However, even being surrounded by well-known athletes at the time wasn’t what helped spark his interest in basketball. Instead, one of his uncles who was often involved with the “City Wide” basketball league played a huge influence on his interest in basketball. 

    Robinson would sit around as a kid and watch former NBA stars like Rod Strickland and Bernard King along with several others perform in this league. Over time, he naturally grew an interest and passion for the game. Due to connections and his talent, he was cast for a gig with the New Jersey Nets. However, that led to Robinson getting his own radio show at the age of 12 alongside co-host Evan Roberts, Albert Wilson, and Lynn Wilson. Robinson had a segment dedicated to him called “Nets Court”, during which he interviewed players around the league.

    As he began gaining a name for himself, Wilson suggested he should have a nickname, and there the famous nickname was born, “Scoop B”.

    “Lynn Wilson gave me that nickname and it’s stuck with me through middle school, high school, college, and my professional career,” Robinson emphasized.

    Scoop B’s Passion for Journalism

    While Robinson admits journalism wasn’t his first love, but over time, he began to really enjoy it. After graduating from grad school at Hofstra University he began looking for his next moves while living in his grandmother’s basement. Meanwhile, his desire remained wanting to be on television discussing and breaking down sports. However, it didn’t play out that way, in fact, one of his close friends suggested maybe he should write in the meantime to sharpen his skills. As a result, he began writing for over 10 publications while also working a full-time job. Yet, he acknowledges and embraces his journey because he emphasizes that if he hadn’t built that sweat equity and relationships he may not be where he is today.

    “Those times were tough, for sure,” Robinson emphasized. “Yet, it made me who I am today. I was writing for 10 to 13 publications at once and building sweat equity.”

    Now, primarily of the work Robinson does is on camera; however, now he admits he misses the writing aspect of being a journalist. Throughout his career, Robinson has been featured in some of the biggest media networks in the country: CBS Sports, Pix 11 News, NBC, CNN, NBA TV, ESPN Radio, and MSG Network. Yet, he clarifies that being on these big-time networks never defined him, in fact, they all were learning experiences that made his “spaghetti sauce better.”

    “All of my past experiences in life, as well as, my professional career only continue to give me lessons to learn from and build off,” Robinson clarified. “The more life teaches me and the more I experience the better my spaghetti sauce gets.”

    Growing Pains Being a Journalist

    While “Scoop B” is far more accomplished and decorated than most journalists, even he makes grave mistakes and has experiences to learn from. This only goes to show that no matter how experienced one may be, there’s always room for improvement as well as mistakes. 

    Recently, “Scoop B” attempted to go into great detail and discuss the troubling topic of antisemitism regarding Brooklyn Nets star PG Kyrie Irving’s actions. However, he misspoke and naturally received tons of backlash as it appeared he was in support of Irving’s actions. Ultimately, forcing him to apologize publicly via Twitter.

    The biggest takeaway he learned from this mishap was to simply take your time. He also learned to always realize people’s words hold weight. People must mean what they say and say what they mean.

    The biggest takeaway he learned from this mishap was to simply take your time and always realize people’s words hold weight. People must mean what they say and say what they mean.

    “What I learned is I have to think a little more and say what I needed to say concerning our Jewish brothers and sisters and convey what I thought was wrong,” Robinson emphasized. “However, what I tried to say was different than what came out.”

    “I was trying to verbalize Irving tweeting that link was in poor taste. However, I said the backlash was in poor taste”

    Upcoming Updates Regarding the Scoop B Radio

    Regarding “Scoop B’s” podcast annually grossing over 15 million listeners, their new updates, and people can expect two more episodes going forward to close out the year. While Robinson didn’t disclose who these episodes were with, he did ensure his viewers would appreciate them and love the content.

    In conclusion, when asked if was there any advice he was willing to offer to any young aspiring broadcasters and journalists, he responded:

    “Embrace the journey and always be you. Always attempt to have fun being you and enjoy the process.”

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