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    Alice Auer’s “Unknown” a Blend of Jazz Roots and Empowerment

    Alice Auer, an artist based in London, has unveiled her newest single, “Unknown,” featuring the collaboration of Conor Albert. The song skillfully merges Auer’s jazz roots with relatable pop songwriting, anchored by the groove-laden rhythm section provided by Seth Tackaberry. Auer’s graceful vocals effortlessly shift between Conor Albert’s exquisite keys and guitar contributions, crafting a narrative of empowerment with the words: “I made it on my own / Well, I don’t miss you anymore.”

    Auer’s music journey gained momentum through her collaboration with Conor Albert on the “Smile” EP in 2021, amassing an impressive 10 million streams. In her second EP, titled “Baby, Cry,” Auer embraced a diverse array of influences, spanning soul, folk, pop, and R&B. Crafted collaboratively with friends like James Smith and Seth Tackaberry, the EP stands as a unified artistic expression, addressing themes of loss, pain, and masculinity from a distinct female perspective. “Unknown” encapsulates a harmonious fusion of styles, beautifully highlighting Auer’s flawless vocals and prowess in songwriting.

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