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    Alex Lustig releases a vibrant new single, “Snow In The Distance,” from LP Fate (B-Sides)

    Renowned producer Alex Lustig unveils his latest endeavor, the LP Fate (B-Sides), a continuation of his musical odyssey that commenced with the release of Fate in 2022. Crafted by the Belgium-born artist, now based in Toronto, this eleven-track album beckons listeners to submerge themselves in a dreamy auditory realm adorned with entrancing rhythms, beguiling synths, and soothing cadences.

    Leading the LP is “Snow In The Distance,” an exquisite fusion of delicate synths interwoven with a grounded rhythm. The heartbeat of the track lies in its bassline, offering a constant and resonant foundation for the ethereal tonal melodies that gracefully ascend and descend throughout the composition.

    In the collaborative effort “Neo,” Alex joins forces with South Korean R&B artist SUMIN,melding frenetic BPM with ethereal vocals to forge a one-of-a-kind, tumultuous, and tranquil sonic journey. The track’s title is a nod to SUMIN’s roots, as ‘neo’ translates to ‘you’ in Korean.

    Teaming up with London-based vocalist Sølv, Alex brings us the hauntingly enchanting “Fade.” The song commences with a metronomic bassline that seamlessly blends with Sølv’s haunting vocals and atmospheric synths. A transcendent club track, it offers a lush and immersive auditory voyage.

    The final track, “Void,” envelops listeners in celestial synths and crystalline bell-like tones, conjuring a serene and luminous ambience. Alex Lustig’s distinct production style cocoon the audience within a sonic bubble of radiant sound.

    Fate (B-Sides) stands as a testament to Alex Lustig’s mastery and unwavering commitment to his artistry. His exploration of atmospheric and dreamlike soundscapes yields an enthralling and elevating auditory encounter that transcends conventional boundaries.

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