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    Alabama A&M Receives 2.2 Million Gift From Single Donor

    Alabama A&M Awarded Large Financial Gift

    Alabama A&M University, a historically Black institution has received its greatest single donation to date. The HBCU has come a long way in funding since its founding in 1875. During that time, the school thrived off of its state funded allocation of $1,000. Over the course of its 146-year existence, AAMU celebrates a large financial gift from one alum, who chooses to remain anonymous. 

    The University President promptly responded:

    “This is the most significant and impactful gift in the history of Alabama A&M University,” said AAMU President Andrew Hugine, Jr. per a recent statement. “When one of our very own alumni makes such a substantial investment to the institution, it serves as affirmation that the University has made significant progress and that it continues to move in the right direction.”

    Honoring AAMU History

    Moreover, the gift amount totaled 2, 178, 517.85. In fact, this exact figure signifies the year that the university was founded by a former slave, William Hooper Councill. After the benevolent act, the donor posed a challenge to other AAMU alumni to give. However, the alum asks them to do so within their means. 

    “This gift is symbolic on so many fronts, it sets the tone for future leadership gifts from the alumni of Alabama A&M University, while also displaying to Corporate America and philanthropists that our graduates have achieved success and are willing to invest in the institution in significant ways,” Tucker said. “We hope that this will encourage greater investments from Corporate America and philanthropists in the future.”

    News related to how AAMU will spend the funds is pending. Also, similar donations to historically Black colleges and universities is yet to come.

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