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    Akira Galaxy Releases Debut Single and Music Video “Virtual Eyes”

    Indie-rock artist Akira Galaxy has released her captivating debut single, “Virtual Eyes.” Inspired by a mid-pandemic small love affair, the track showcases Akira’s massive talent and ability to connect with listeners through emotive storytelling.

    “Virtual Eyes” is a sublime blend of ethereal alt-pop, characterized by its dreamy atmosphere and Akira’s powerful, husky vocals. The song captures the poignant yearning for connection felt by many during the pandemic, as Akira sings, “I want your impossible devotion / So look me in my virtual eyes.”

    The track came to fruition during intense vulnerability for the artist. Akira states, “Writing this song was a cathartic experience. This creation took form during a time of profound vulnerability, and immersing myself in the essence of this song is what ultimately restored my sense of wholeness.”

    The fascinating music video for “Virtual Eyes” is directed by the talented duo of Silken Weinberg (Ethel Cain, Blue DeTiger) and Angela Ricciardi (Skull Crusher, Angel Olsen). Filmed in Paris, the video showcases Akira’s journey as she chases her elusive lover through enchanting French landscapes, perfectly complementing the song’s hypnotic beauty.
    “Virtual Eyes” is a testament to Akira Galaxy’s ability to transform pain into art and is a breathtaking introduction to this promising new talent in the indie-rock scene.

    Stream Akira Galaxy’s “Virtual Eyes” on Spotify.

    Connect with Akira Galaxy: Instagram TikTok / Twitter

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