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    Akademiks Attempts To Cancel Doja Cat Again But Fails

    Some famous personalities have a hard time fitting in with celebrities. For instance, Off The Record’s DJ Akademiks has pretty much offended everyone in the rap community. Doja Cat hasn’t particularly guest-starred on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast show, though the two did have a social media feud in 2020. Recently, the outspoken podcaster attempted to cancel Doja Cat by exposing her old DMs. Unfortunately, the act only backfired on him.

    Cancel Culture Almost Ended Doja Cat’s Career

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    Social media often harbors quite a few pieces of information, some better than others. Unfortunately, it also archives old posts and tweets that we’ll later regret in the future. Back in 2020, social media attempted to cancel Doja Cat after videos of her participating in white supremacist chat rooms resurfaced. The issue resolved itself after the star rapper issued a public apology, or so everyone thought.

    Akademiks Tries To Cancel Doja Cat Again

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    Most recently, DJ Akademiks exposed old DMs of the “Get Into It” star calling him out for uncovering those videos. On the latest episode of The Neighborhood Talk , the host reads aloud Doja Cat’s messages. Furthermore, she accused him of exploiting people and ruining their lives for the sole purpose of publicity. Additionally, she stated that he’s not a very likable person.

    Though, DJ Akademiks brushes off her messages with, “That’s fine. I don’t like people anyways.” While their fallout happened back in 2020, apparently Akademiks still has sour feelings toward the whole ordeal. He attempted to cancel Doja Cat in 2022 but failed, again.

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