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    NY Native Aisha Badru Stuns With Debut Album ‘Pendulum’

    Be inspired, uplifted and immersed by the voice and music of critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Aisha Badru. Her full-length debut, Pendulum, is now available at all digital and physical retailers via Nettwerk. Get it HERE.

    Last week, the Nigerian descendent and self-taught guitarist exclusively premiered the entire album on Parade. Check out the stream! Of the record, Parade enthusiastically commented, “With delicately breathy vocals and appropriately minimalistic arrangements, Pendulum is a gift from the muses. Like a silk-draped sultry afternoon, Pendulum is a rare and beautiful gem of an album. It’s so obviously crafted with care with all of the yearning, hope, heartbreak and joy we all experience but don’t know how to express. It’s OK, Aisha Badru does it for us.
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    What’s more, UK’s The Daily Telegraph premiered Aisha’s visceral session video for “Splintered,” explaining: “Badru sings in a tone reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’s nightingale voice…the song is a call for people to take control of their lives because, as the New York storyteller explains, ‘the world isn’t broken, we are.’” Watch the video HERE.

    Intersecting cinematic production, lilting instrumentation, and mesmerizing vocals, Pendulum swings from moments of socio political unrest to intimate ruminations on love and life. The entrancing first single “Fossil Fuels” garnered early praise from numerous tastemakers. Clash proclaimed, “Each note feels expertly placed with her soulful delivery set against some subtly intense electronics” as The Wild Honey Pieechoed, “‘Fossil Fuels’ is significant for many reasons, from Aisha’s captivating voice to its lyrical content, this song hits all the right notes.” The track-listing is rounded out by the previously released “Bridges” and the powerful and irresistible “Mind On Fire”—which currently exceeds 11 million cumulative Spotify streams.
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    Celebrating the arrival of Pendulum, Aisha headlines a very special album release show at Rockwood Music Hall on Stage 1 Thursday May 3 at 9pm. Her live presence remains renowned. Of a standout SXSW performance, NPR Music’s Robin Hilton said, “I found her music so transfixing and her storytelling…I found it really moving.

    Pendulum represents the dawn of a powerful, passionate, and poetic new spirit for music and pop culture at large.

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