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    Afroman Records Policemen Raiding His Home In Ohio

    Police brutality has plagued our country for years now. The Breonna Taylor and George Floyd protests from 2021 have made the nation especially more aware of police brutality from white police officers. Furthermore, Ohio rapper Afroman experienced injustice from white officers after they raided his home. According to the rapper, the police destroyed his home on false accusations of drugs and possession of weaponry.

    Afroman Records Police Officers Breaking Into His Home



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    These days, police officers are out for blood when it comes to rap stars. Recently, emcees have been placed behind bars for their incriminating lyrics. Ohio rapper Afroman, became the latest victim in having his own songs used against him.

    On Sunday, the 48-year-old’s Ohio home was raided by Adam’s County police officers on false accusations of him carrying “weapons of mass destruction and 100,000,000 pounds of weed.” Furthermore, Afroman noted that all he had was hemp and a vape pen. Though, he believes that police raided his home due to the lyrics contained in his 2001 hit song “Because I got High” and an old burglary report he filed years ago.

    Moreover, the rapper caught the entire police raid on film and posted it to his social media pages! Throughout the video, we see police trespassing onto his property, breaking down the front door to his house and destroying his bedroom. Throughout the whole viewing of the video Afroman comments repeatedly, “all for a vape pen.” Luckily, the rapper was in Chicago when the police raid took place.

    Now, the Adam’s County Sheriff’s Office has asked Afroman in for questioning. There’s no identification on whether or not the police had a warrant to search the rapper’s house in the first place! Maybe it’s time we defund the police after all.

    The Rapper Is Looking To Sue Officers

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    In the old days, police couldn’t break into a person’s home without probable cause. Now it seems like they just don’t care. They especially don’t care when it comes to protecting the Black community.

    After having his house turned upside down by the Adam’s County police, Afroman is seeking justice. Moreover, the rapper went on social media to ask if anyone knew the number to civil rights attorney Ben Crump. Hopefully, the rapper receives the legal help he needs to combat the police allegations!

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