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    Adin Ross Gets Backup! Kodak Black Warns Off Haters in Fiery Statement

    The news of rapper Kodak Black has just reinforced popular streamer Adin Ross. In a live stream earlier, Kodak Black warned harshly, clarifying that Adin ain’t riding alone.

    “We’ll cremate a n*gga… we’ll cut a n*gga d*ck off… and put it in his mouth”

    However, Why does Kodak got Adin’s back on this? Well, it might shock some of us. After that tier listing problem last year? It was heard of Adin having stick some beef with him by not marking Kodaks as a “GOAT.” But that is in the past. Floridians have let bygones be bygones, streaming some games together.

    It seems, ain’t being a streamer easy. Adin can confirm it. He has been swatted multiple times, has been threatened by the law, and now hacker drama occurring – there will always be someone trying to spoil the fun. This isn’t the first time a hacker’s made such a threat to Adin; the online can be quite the battlefield.

    But why are major rappers like Kodak Black warning and having him up? Because Adin’s the entire true story. He’s got a massive crowd – the kind of fans rappers need to stay in tune with. Consider him the link between the music world and the streaming world. He’s also been with Chris Brown for a bit, 21 Savage, and Drake… that’s what fame is!

    And, finally, on drama… All y’all remember when political commentator Destiny flopped completely? All of a sudden, Adin’s community was fucking around with doxing Destiny and his family – uncool, guys.

    Well, what can I say? Adin Ross is a streamer who is confronted by many real-world problems; this time, Kodak Black warns. For the promise of incurring may hopefully relax next time, Adin places Kodak at the top of his category in his tier list.

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