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    Adele Showers Miley Cyrus with Love at Vegas Show

    During her Las Vegas residency show, the Grammy-winning singer Adele took a moment to express her admiration for fellow artist Miley Cyrus and her new song, “Used to Be Young.” Adele confessed that she has been repeatedly playing the song since its release, captivated by its powerful lyrics and Miley’s soulful performance.

    During the show, Adele couldn’t help but gush over Cyrus’s recent hit, “Used to Be Young,” a song that struck a chord with the Grammy-winning star. Adele confessed to having the track on repeat since its release. She highlighted not only its musical brilliance but also its nostalgic undertones.

    Referring to Cyrus as a “legend,” Adele lauded her talent, acknowledging her as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. It was evident that Adele admired Cyrus beyond her latest release. She spoke of her long-standing fandom for the pop sensation.

    Adele’s heartfelt shoutout did not go unnoticed. Miley Cyrus responded on X  revealing that she had thought of Adele while writing “Used to Be Young.” This exchange between the two artists highlights their mutual respect and admiration, further strengthening the bond within the music community.

    But it wasn’t just the music that Adele admired. She also appreciated the raw emotion and relatability in Cyrus’s lyrics. They truly resonated with her. Adele confessed that Cyrus’s song had the power to evoke tears, a testament to the profound emotional depth present in her work.

    Moreover, Adele’s endorsement serves as a form of validation for Cyrus. It boosts her confidence and motivation. This helps her continue creating music that resonates with audiences worldwide. It’s a prime example of how artists can uplift and support each other in an industry often characterized by competition.

    Technological advancements and changing consumer preferences drive the industry’s evolution. Fellow artists’ support and endorsement will remain a valuable asset. In a landscape where success can be fleeting and validation is cherished, these support acts serve as beacons of solidarity in an ever-changing world.

    But Adele isn’t the only one moved by Miley’s new track. Hollywood legend Diane Keaton shared a slideshow of photos from her youth on Instagram, set to the tune of “Used to Be Young.” The post resonated with many, including Miley, who expressed appreciation in the comment section. This isn’t the first time Keaton has shown her love for Miley’s music. She shared a video of herself dancing to Miley’s hit song “Flowers.”

    In response to Keaton’s tribute, Miley revealed that Keaton was on her mind while penning “Used to Be Young.” She said,

    “I appreciate you deeply. This is so moving and exactly why I made this song. I said throughout the journey of writing it over the last 18 months, ‘All I want is Diane Keaton to dance to it,’ and this is even more magical. I love you. Thank you.”

    Adele Showers Miley Cyrus with Love at Vegas Show

    Miley also shared insight into the inspiration behind “Used to Be Young.” She explained that the song is about honoring who we’ve been, loving who we are, and celebrating who we will become. These lyrics were written almost two years ago at the beginning of her album “Endless Summer Vacation” (ESV) when she felt misunderstood. She spent the last 18 months painting a sonic picture of her perspective to share with her audience. Miley believes that although her work on the song is done, it will continue to write itself daily. The fact it remains unfinished is a part of its beauty, which she compares to her life at that moment – incomplete yet complete.

    Adele Showers Miley Cyrus with Love at Vegas Show

    “Used to Be Young” is more than a song. It’s a testament to Miley Cyrus’s journey as an artist, a tribute to her fans, and a symbol of mutual admiration within the music community. As Miley continues to evolve as an artist, her music touches the hearts of fans and fellow artists alike.

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