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    Ace Hood Reaches His Goals In “Energy”

    Florida native Antoine McColister, aka Ace Hood, took the high road in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. Having left DJ Khaled’s  We The Best Record Label, and becoming an independent artist, Ace Hood paved the way to his own success  . Though, he didn’t just produce great records, but he had more creative control. More importantly, he started making music that held meaning in his life.

    Growing up in the hood and surrounded by what the Florida rapper describes as “temptations”, he’s always been eager to establish his legacy. Fortunately, his endless mixtapes and well-received 2020  Mr. Hood  album helped Ace Hood reach that goal. Tracks like “We Ball” off the 2020 album put him at 75 million streams. Prior to the win, the Florida rapper experienced success with his 2017’s  Trust The Process  album, garnishing 30 million streams. Additionally, Ace Hood songs have gone platinum. The hard work paid off in the end. Ace Hood’s success has continued to climb in recent years as well.

    Most recently, he dropped his newest track “Energy” off his  Body  EP that’s slated for release this July. In the track, Ace Hood achieves all of his goals.

    Setting Goals For Himself

    It’s clear that Ace Hood wants to remain an independent voice in the ever-growing rap community.

    “If music hits the heart, it will live with you forever,” Ace Hood said during his press release.

    At just 33-years-old, the Mr. Hood rapper already knows what he wants out of his career and overall, life; a legacy. In his newest track “Energy,” the Florida native talks about everything from growing up on the streets to eliminating toxic people from his life. Perhaps the most important bits arise when Hood raps about reaching his goals. After all, his career as an independent artist has gone better than he expected. Why not celebrate all his wins in a song.

    Ace Hood Teaches Us Self-Care

    via Hood Nation/EMPIRE

    Ace Hood has become the gold standard for an independent artist. Going the solo route isn’t an easy task, especially after walking away from one of the biggest record labels ever. In the end, though, Hood still experienced success as an independent artist. His “Energy” track shows that any goal can be achieved, no matter the adversities we face. He worked on himself mentally , physically, spiritually and even music-wise.

    “I prefer to inspire you to overcome fear and reach a place of freedom rather than boast about material possessions like my watch or diamond chain,” stated the artist in his press release.

    Like HotNewHipHop noted back in 2021 about the Florida rapper, he’s “cementing his status as a long-standing legend in the rap game.” Be sure to check out Ace Hood’s upcoming EP Body and catchy single “Energy” off the record.





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