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    A TikTok Pastor Fears Rihanna’s Music Will Send Us To Hell

    Music is a universal language. It can heal some people and even brighten their day. However, others believe that modern music today isn’t good for our soul and we mean that literally. Recently, TikTok Pastor Gerald A. Johnson believes that Rihanna’s music and others will send us all to Hell.

    A TikTok Pastor Says He Went To A Music Concert In Hell

    Apparently, a Michigan pastor believes we’re on the fast-track to Hell because many of us don’t worship God anymore. Recently, Pastor Gerald Johnson took to TikTok to share a now-viral video of him recounting a 2016 event where he traveled to Hell and back.

    According to Johnson, his “spirit left his body, went to Hell and was brought to a section where demons were singing music’s biggest hits.” The pastor mentioned that Rihanna’s music popped up during the demonic music concert as well. Maybe the guy shouldn’t listen to any more music, like at all.

    He Says We’re Paying The Price For Refusing To Worship God

    Rihanna’s music contains lyrics that might be questionable to some people. Though, some stand out tracks, such as her recent “Lift Me Up” track are quite tame in context. However, Pastor Johnson believes all modern music is bad for us. In the end, he fears the more we listen, the more we’re moving away from God.

    Furthermore, Pastor Johnson theorized that when musicians use drugs, they open a portal for demons to enter our world and feed them the lyrics. In the end, this allows Satan to control the masses. “Every lyric to every song is to torment you to the fact that you didn’t worship God through music when you were on Earth,” Pastor Johnson said during the TikTok video. We have to admit, that’s a pretty elaborate story from a Pastor on TikTok.

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