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    A Social Club Philly Shooting Leaves 7 People Injured

    With everything opening back up and everyone receiving covid vaccinations, it seems as though society has returned to normal. However, that’s not the case. Since the reopening of businesses and the arrival of hot weather, mass homicides have plagued parts of the United States. A few weeks ago, a Colorado grocery store fell victim to a gunman who murdered 10 innocent people. Another mass shooting recently took place at a Philadelphia Golf & Social Club. Even worse, the Philly shooting left 7 people injured.

                          Details On The Philly Shooting

    Philly Shooting
    via NBC10 Philadelphia

    Honestly, the world seems in worse shape than before Covid-19 hit. People have shorter fuses these days and have an overall disregard for the greater good. That’s what happened when several gunmen open-fired in a Philadelphia Golf & Social Club. Unfortunately, several victims had suffered severe bullet wounds. Originally, License & Inspections had closed the establishment due to Covid-19 violations. A spokesman from L&I explained that the social bar would reopen soon. However, soon didn’t come enough.

    Last Friday night, police responded to a 911 call concerning the social club. Police found several gunmen firing at victims inside the Golf & Social Bar, a nearby 7-Eleven and the Jefferson Hospital. Authorities believe the “shooting originated from an altercation within the Social Bar and spilled out.” We’re assuming the argument didn’t go well.

    Furthermore, surveillance cameras showed several people standing around a white SUV and a white car near a casino. The individuals soon escaped in a grey car. Police located the SUV and found two semi-automatic handguns inside. Afterwards, police took in both cars for further inspection. Hopefully, they find the shooters responsible for the mass Philly shooting.

                Several Injured During Mass Shooting

    Philly shooting
    via New York Post

    The Philadelphia Police Department maybe working around the clock to find the mass shooters. However, that doesn’t take away the aftermath of the Philly shooting. Several victims suffered severe injuries, while others died. Furthermore, the victims ranged in ages between 17-43. Police revealed that some of the victims were shot in the face and chest, while others received foot bullet wounds. Those with more severe wounds remain in critical condition. Fortunately, three of the victims have come out stable. As of yet, none of the victims have been reported dead. Hopefully, they all pull through.

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