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    A Local Atlanta Rapper Shot, Killed By His Own Brother

    Fame and fortune can create positive outcomes in our lives. Unfortunately, money also changes the people we surround ourselves with, including family. Recently, viral Atlanta rapper Archie Eversole died at the hands of his own brother. The death of rappers has become a hard reality to swallow for much of the rap community. Furthermore, hip-hop will remember the famous “We Ready” rap star and carry on his memory. 

                 Everlose Is Killed By His Own Brother

    killed by his own brother
    Archie Everlose via Ice Cream Convos

    The rap community has suffered one too many losses in the last few years. Talents from Pop Smoke to Mo3 and even legends like DMX have gone away, all too soon. 

    Recently, up and coming Atlanta rap star Archie Eversole died on April 3rd at a local hospital. On March 25, police officers responded to a 911 call coming from a Chevron Gas Station on Snapfinger Woods Drive where they discovered Eversole’s body. Unfortunately, Archie Everlose passed away at a local hospital from his gunshot wounds on April 3. The Atlanta rapper died at only 37-years-old. 

    Further information revealed that the DelKab County police tracked down the suspect, Eversole’s brother, Alexander Krause, at Golf Vista Circle, where the murder initially took place. Now Krause faces several murder charges against him and remains behind bars. 

    Archie Everlose’s Memory Lives On

    killed by his own brother
    Archie Everlose via Tygereye Entertainment

    Everlose died a tragic and horrible death. He’d been killed by his own brother. The truth is, not all families support a loved one’s rise to fame. Luckily, the rap community and even sports teams across America have kept Eversole’s memory alive. And, Everlose’s viral hit “We Ready” has gone on to become a national sports anthem. The song even found a home in the NFL. Archie Everlose’s memory will live on.    

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