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    A Copper Bullet Killed LA Rapper Earl Swavey

    The rap community has suffered immense pain and loss over the last few years. Too often, young and upcoming stars are taken away by gun violence. In worse case scenarios, some death cases go unsolved for months, even years.

    Recently, Earl Hatton aka rapper Earl Swavey’s cause of death was finally revealed this week. The LA rapper had his whole life ahead of him. His rap career nearly took off, after becoming the protege of the late Steven “A$AP Yams” Rodrigue. Additionally, Earl Swavey collaborated with Grime’s brother Jay Worthy. He had a bright future ahead of him. In the end though, living a life of crime consumed him. Now new evidence reveals that a single bullet ended Swavey’s life.

                 Another Rapper Taken From Gun Violence

    Earl Swavey
    via Telecast

    This week, a report from a final autopsy finally revealed Earl Swavey’s cause of death as being senseless gun violence. Rolling Stone first reported that the autopsy discovered a copper bullet lodged in his heart, led to the beginning of the end for Swavey. Additional head trauma from the vehicle collision also contributed to his death. Unfortunately, the young rapper’s life ended in tragedy.

    The Details Surrounding Swavey’s Death

    Earl Swavey
    via The Mirror

    Months have passed since Swavey’s death back on January 9th, 2022. According to police reports, the killer shot the LA rapper outside a party in downtown Los Angeles. At the time, Swavey was driving around multiple passengers when someone fired at him. Apparently, Swavey’s friends shot back, engaging in a shoot-off. Officers have deemed the violent altercation as a ‘gang-related’ crime. In the end, the fight did nothing but leave Swavey dead. His car crashed into a motorhome, only adding more insult to injury. At the time, Earl Swavey had only been 26-years-old.

    The Rap Community Grieves Over Another Loss

    Earl Swavey
    via OnTheRizeMag

    Unfortunately death seems to follow many rap stars these days. Much of the rap community felt the weight of Earl Swavey’s death and expressed their deepest condolences.

    A few hours after his passing, Vince Staples took to Twitter and paid a tribute to the LA emcee. “Rest In Peace to the great Earl Swavey,” he tweeted the day after Earl Swavey’s death.

    Now with new evidence on the Earl Swavey’s cause of death, hopefully family and friends have closure. Even more, the killers get the justice they deserve.

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