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    808 Saints’ Latest Single ‘Mud To Marble’ FT. Van Gammon, a Symbolic Growth from Rough to Polished

    808 Saints’ latest single, “Mud to Marble,” is a must-listen for conscious hip-hop enthusiasts. Featuring the fantastic lyricist Van Gammon, the song perfectly blends trap beats, bars, drops, and cuts. The beat represents the growth from being rough around the edges to becoming more polished, as reflected in the song’s name.

    808 Saints comprises Seshun/Panther City Music Group and Ladi/OPIDVLO/SYLA Media Group. Seshun, born and raised between California and Texas, brings his unique style to the beats. Ladi, born and raised in Nigeria and now a Texan, adds his vocals to create a remarkable sound. Together, they form a rap group that has been gaining recognition in the industry.

    “Mud to Marble” is an embodiment of growth and rising to become better. The song symbolizes the journey from being in the mud to shining like marble. Please listen and let the beats and lyrics inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

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