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    76ers Joel Embiid Hints At Joining Forces With Former Teammate

    Philadelphia 76ers star center Joel Embiid may have hinted at playing alongside a former 76ers teammate. While many know Embiid to be a “troll” there may be some validity to this tweet. As of now, the Miami Heat have been eliminated from the playoffs. However, prior to the elimination game, Embiid tweeted:

    “Miami needs another Star.”

    In the past, Embiid and Miami Heat superstar SF Jimmy Butler are known to be great friends. In fact, when Butler suited up for Philadelphia, they grew very fond of each other and speak very highly of each other to this day. While Butler eliminated Embiid essentially, there was nothing but mutual respect and competitive love between the two.

    “I love him,” Butler said. “I’m proud of him. I still wish I was on his team. I love the Miami Heat, but I have immense respect and love for Joel Embiid.”

    Why did Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler Part Ways?

    Initially, the departure of Butler from Philadelphia came about when the 76ers attempted to build around former PG Ben Simmons and SF Tobias Harris. Butler felt resentment and held onto this during the NBA Playoffs 2022. While Butler has proven his value as a teammate and contributor he tends to cause rifts no matter where he plays. However, that Philly team underachieved greatly with that roster. With the level of talent on that roster, they were destined to reach the finals. Yet, Kawhi Leonard found a way to beat this overpowered team within the last seconds of regulation. 

    What Could This Look Like for the Philadelphia 76ers?

    Embiid possibly hinting towards linking up with Butler next year could be detrimental for the 76ers. While coming runner up in the MVP race this season, he’s undeniably a top-five player currently. His talent cannot be replaced nor can it be replicated, therefore, the 76ers are in a tough spot. After trading away Simmons to the Brooklyn Nets for aging star James Harden they don’t have much else to possibly offer.

    While Embiid hinting towards it may, unfortunately, be a pipe dream at most. Simply, the logistics of the trade may not work out; however, it could be a possibility going forward.

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