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    6ix9ine Claims Gunna Snitched On Young Thug

    It’s been a while since anyone has heard from the controversial rapper 6ix9ine. These days, the once rainbow-haired rapper has been maintaining a low profile. After all, it’s pretty hard for a star to come back into the spotlight after being shunned by pretty much everyone in the HipHop community. Though, 6ix9ine decided now was the best time to say something. Recently, 6ix9ine made the bold claim that Gunna’s plea deal led him to snitch on his YSL partner Young Thug

    Takes One To Know One

    Rapper 6ix9ine has been accused on several occasions for snitching on his fellow man. He’s even allegedly worked with the feds to bring down big-time criminals. Let’s not forget that his online shenanigans have pissed off a lot of fans and rappers alike. Unfortunately, 6ix9ine isn’t a very likable guy. After his latest statement regarding Gunna’s plea deal, 6ix9ine might catch some serious heat. 

    As mentioned before, the “KEKE” rapper took to Instagram to drop his two scents on Gunna’s recent release from jail. Furthermore, the emcee claims that Gunna snitched on Young Thug in order to win his partial freedom. Well, it takes one to know one. 

    He Goes Too Far

    Making matters worse, 6ix9ine additionally claimed he had access to the court hearing during Gunna’s plea. He believes it will solidify his claims that the “Drip So Hard” rapper snitched on Young Thug. In the captions, the “KEKE” rapper recorded the conversation that supposedly transpired between Gunna and a judge. “Judge: Are you aware that YSL is a gang? Gunna: Yes, ma’am. Judge: It was only you and Jeffrey in the car when the police discovered a handgun and drugs. These items didn’t belong to you, right? Gunna: Yes, ma’am,” he writes.

    What do you think? Is 6ix9ine telling the truth or is he telling fables? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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