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    600 Breezy Says Quavo Will Be Labeled a Snitch If He Takes the Stand in the Takeoff Murder Case

    Migos rapper Takeoff was a victim of homicide on November 1 in Houston. He was shot outside of a bowling alley and pool hall after he and his cousin played a dice game.

    The shooter was identified as 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Clark. His fingerprints were found in a wine bottle that was left at the scene, police said.

    600 Breezy Says Quavo Will Be Labeled A Snitch If He Testifies In The Takeoff Murder

    During a recent interview with DJ Vlad on VLAD TV, 600 Breezy asserted that Quavo would be branded as a “snitch” if he were to testify in the Takeoff murder case. The Chicago rapper said that he’s against it for the sake of his career.

    The rapper also suggested that Atlanta rapper T.I snitched when he testified in a 2008 trial involving the death of his friend Philant Johnson. He told a jury that his friend’s family was being killed because of a police investigation into the incident.

    Despite the rumors and conspiracy theories that have swirled online about the case, there has never been any evidence tying Drake or any other rapper to the murder. Nevertheless, a defense attorney for one of the defendants listed Drake and a number of other rappers — whose beefs on social media fuel popular YouTube gossip pages — as potential witnesses in the case.

    The list includes jailed Toronto rapper Top5, Drake, 6ix9ine, Joe Budden and Migos members Quavo and Offset. According to reports, the defense team has requested a judge call these rappers as potential witnesses to raise doubt in jurors’ minds.

    600 Breezy explains why he thinks Quavo won’t take the stand

    600 Breezy recently spoke with DJ Vlad about the tragic death of his nephew Takeoff in Houston, and he shared some insight into why he thinks Quavo won’t take the stand when the case goes to trial. According to 600 Breezy, he doesn’t think Quavo will take the stand because it could ruin his career if he’s labeled a snitch.

    In a previous post, we learned that Quavo and Takeoff were playing a dice game outside of 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston when the deadly shooting occurred. The argument began after Quavo allegedly claimed that the men he was playing the dice with rigged the game.

    The police investigation into Takeoff’s murder has revealed that he was armed with a gun at the time of his death. However, it was later determined that he was killed after a fight broke out after he lost money to two other people in the dice game.

    As The Shade Room previously reported, a number of rappers were named as potential witnesses in the XXXTentacion murder trial. Among them were Joe Budden, Drake, 6ix9ine, Offset, and Quavo.

    600 Breezy says Quavo’s security should help with the prosecution

    600 Breezy recently appeared on VLAD TV and discussed his thoughts on the murder case involving Migos member Takeoff. In the interview, 600 Breezy says he believes Quavo’s security should help with the prosecution.

    The Chicago rapper explained that he doesn’t believe Quavo will testify in the trial of Takeoff’s killers because he won’t want to be labeled a snitch. During the interview, Breezy also talked about how people should seek professional therapy when they have mental health issues.

    He said this would be a much better way to deal with things than just trying to get away from them. He added that this would allow the person to go through their trauma and deal with it in a much healthier way.

    According to the police, Patrick Clark shot and killed Migos member Takeoff outside a Houston bowling alley last month. He’s currently jailed on a $2 million bond for the murder.

    600 Breezy says Quavo will be labeled a snitch if he takes the stand

    The case of the Takeoff murder in Houston has caused a lot of drama. A man named Patrick Clark was arrested and charged with the crime in January after shooting Migos rapper Takeoff outside of a bowling alley.

    The 28-year-old was released on a $1 million bond last month and is expected to go back to court later this year. In the meantime, he has to wear an ankle monitor and stay away from Takeoff’s family.

    However, if Quavo is ever called to testify in the case, 600 Breezy thinks he will be labeled a snitch. He explains why in the video above.

    He says that if Quavo takes the stand, people will call him a snitch because he’ll be helping them convict a member of the Migos crew. That’s why he doesn’t believe that Quavo will take the stand in the Takeoff murder trial.

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