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    50 Cent’s Surprise Appearance at Diddy’s Miami Comedy Roast

    Little Havana in Miami experienced the mother-of-all hip-hop roasts this weekend! The target? The iconic Diddy. The surprise guest? His old nemesis, 50 Cent. The result? A night of laugh fests, roast, and lots and lots of fundraising for a cause.

    The Dead Flamingo Pop Up was plenty ramped up, until 50 Cent burst in scrota’s-first, sending the meter spinning like a top. The benefit, which is a funny fundraiser for battered women, had townsman that it would take perfect revenge on Diddy and with Fitty in the audience, things got a tad more amusing.

    While 50 Cent has racked up as many adversaries in his rap battles as he has hits, the crowd, out of sheer nostalgia, roared when he swaggered onto the stage. As the two hip-hop titans, long engaged in documented discord, stood before each other, the air crackled with mischief. One liners, like 50 Cent starting out with: ‘Yo, so they told me it was a roast, but I didn’t know Puffy was really on the menu!’ had the audience going absolute apes it.

    That was quickly followed by a masterclass in comedic roasting. The instant celebrity laughter, 50 Cent’s jabs hit the mark as intended, were accompanied by a signature smirk from the rapper (50, not Puffy) so that even Diddy doubled over in a fit of giggles. The two rappers playfully ribbed each other, adding to what we’ve long known was a strange little antagonism and love for each other that Nelly refers to later in the interview. As the other comics had their moment at the mic, 50 stole the show, and when it was all said and done, the crowd demanded more.

    It was a lighthearted, celebratory affaire in the face of a somber back story about domestic violence. Comedians and stars alike kept the jokes lighthearted though so that the night remained celebratory of Diddy’s big personality, all in the name of supporting a good cause.

    However, his version was way too much about the jokey opposites-attract. With his own recent run of buzz in full swing, the rapper was quick to make a plug for his upcoming docuseries: Diddy Do It? The mysterious series is described as a “deep-dive into a range of allegations about Diddy. 50 Cent – who is ever a promoter – quipped, “This one’s gone’ do numbers you wait and see. Naturally, all of this was just a way to pad 50 Cent’s history in the press and build promotion for his future project.

    The Miami roast was a perfect balance of comedy, shock, and an interesting view into the competitive yet somehow respectful feud of two raps icons. It was a night that was hard to predict proving once again in Hip-Hop the lines drawn between competition, camaraderie and just plain ole show business are always up for interpretation. And one thing’s for sure, this roast will be as legendary in hip-hop history as Fief’s night at the show that ask was it Diddy’s roast or 50 Cent’s perfectly executed publicity stunt. We’ll see if “Diddy Do It” has anything to say about that.,” will tell.

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