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    Thief Steals Apple Watch Right After FedEx Drop-Off

    In Columbus, Ohio, a porch pirate, as seen through a doorbell camera, interrupted a brand new Apple Watch minutes after a FedEx delivery. The incident has gone viral and reinforced what is a growing problem: the theft of package.

    We see that chilling efficiency play out in the footage. The FedEx driver, per protocol, set the package with the Apple Watch on the homeowner’s front porch. He steps away for a couple of seconds, probably to take another picture as proof. All this innocent movement is the small door the thief is waiting for. Suddenly a shadowy figure comes out of nowhere and sprints towards the porch, they grab the package in a flash and leave almost as quickly as they appeared. Caught completely off guard the FedEx driver has no choice but to watch in disbelief as the man runs away.

    The man robbed, Kyle Dorsch What was once excitement of getting his new Apple Watch soon went to anger and frustration instead. It was all of five minutes, and Dorsch was sick at heart. Next time I check the doorbell app for the delivery, and it’s gone. Dorsch believes the target of the thief may have been different to other porches in the neighborhood as he is guessing a lot of valuable packages. The degree of planning is what suggests the perpetrator was an experienced opportunist biding their time until the time was right.

    In response to the incident, FedEx has released a statement. In it, they state why users can trust their delivery and claim to be currently working with the local authorities to investigate the theft honed in on my post. A company spokesperson said in a statement, “We take these matters very seriously and are working closely with law enforcement to apprehend this individual.” The importance of community alertness and the role of technology in securing deliveries was also emphasized by them.

    As porch piracy has grown, security professionals delivered a wide range of solutions to worry about protection packages. A doorbell camera, like the one that captured Dorsch’s ordeal, can work two-fold: deterrence and having documentation of evidence. Furthermore, using protective delivery methods like lockboxes, arranged neighborhood safe-drop locations, or higher-value in-person pickups for parcels is a wise choice.

    This week, a local man’s shocking porch pirate tale is a prime example of just how bad the problem is becoming. The incident is also a rallying cry for the neighborhood to find this now notorious thief. Even a few important preventative steps will make the packages in your home or Amazon packages with which you sent and deter thieves from taking the packages, hoping to keep your home deliveries safe.

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