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    Latest Apple Watches Vanish from US Shelves After Import Ban

    Apple Watch Loses Footing in US Amidst Patent Tangle with Masimo

    The US has banned the sale of Apple’s latest smartwatch models, the Series 9 and Ultra 21. This is because medical technology company Masimo filed a lawsuit claiming that Apple’s blood oxygen sensor technology in these watches infringes on their patents.

    In January 2023, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Masimo’s patents were infringed by Apple’s blood oxygen sensor tech. This ruling surprised the tech world because the Apple Watch is widely known for its health and fitness features and is very popular.

    The ITC ruled against Apple on December 26, 2023. As a result, Apple cannot sell the Series 9 and Ultra 21 watches in the US until August 2028. This ban could significantly hurt Apple’s smartwatch business in the US market.

    Apple, the tech giant known for its determination, refused to give up. The company quickly stopped selling the affected models a few days before the ban started. Apple has now launched a comprehensive effort to overturn the ITC’s decision.

    Apple has filed an appeal with the ITC. They are questioning the validity of Masimo’s patents and the reasoning behind the finding of infringement. Apple believes that if their popular product with valuable health features is removed, it could harm consumers. Apple is confident in their legal case.

    Apple is considering ways to get around the ban. They might change the blood oxygen sensor software or make hardware changes to the affected models.

    The Biden administration chose not to veto the ITC’s ruling within the 60-day review period. This decision makes the situation more complicated. It also suggests that the ban will probably remain in effect for a long time.

    With the import ban in place and legal battles raging, the future of the Apple Watch in the US hangs in the balance. Consumers who have their hearts set on the Series 9 or Ultra 21 models will have to look elsewhere, at least for now. Meanwhile, Apple is sure to continue its fight on both legal and technical fronts, hoping to reclaim its footing in the American smartwatch market.

    Apple has faced legal challenges in the US before. Spotify and the European Commission have accused Apple of antitrust violations related to its App Store policies. Apple has also filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Masimo. This adds another complication to the legal situation.

    As the plot thickens and the courtroom drama unfolds, one thing is certain: the Apple Watch saga is far from over. Stay tuned for further updates as this tech thriller continues to grip the world.

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