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    50 Cent’s Scathing Rejoinder to King Combs’ Diss Track

    The most recent episode in the ongoing drama between 50 Cent and the Combs family concluded when Christian “King” Combs, the son of Sean “Diddy” Combs, released a song called “Pick a Side.” After the song came out, which defended his father against multiple charges and rumors, a new In the music business, there is a controversy.

     In “Pick a Side“, King Combs raps, 

    "Police raid the crib like they think we selling crack, but we out here selling tracks / multimillion dollar plaques.

    He also takes a jab at 50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III, stating, 

    "When all they had was 50 Cent who put this city on the map?" 

     50 Cent, known for his sharp tongue and quick wit, responded to the diss track with a sarcastic Instagram post. The post, which featured a picture of King performing with Diddy, read, 

    “I feel so threatened by the things Christian is saying on his record. I’m afraid for my life, please don’t hurt me guys. I never mentioned or posted anything about puffy’s kids because KEEFE D said he killed 2Pac. LOL.” 

    As of the post has since garnered over 36k likes and 4.5 million views. 

    I feel so threatened by the things Christian is saying on his record. I’m afraid for my life, please don’t hurt me guys. I never mentioned or posted anything about puffy’s kids 😳because KEEFE D said he killed 2Pac 🤷🏽‍♂️ LOL • HTTPS://T.CO/JNBPT4VPB3 PIC.TWITTER.COM/KOGKZFQR7K

    — 50cent (@50cent) MAY 13, 2024

    50 Cent also used the opportunity to not-so-subtly mock riding Combs’ lyrics about fed raids; recommendations not to get arrested, etc.: hence, the mockery of King’s bragging is also a powerful level of its excellence. After all, 50 puts not just rains but the severe implications behind the King’s words, implying that the lyrics are harmful more than they are empowering for the audience. 

    It is worth noting that Diddy is already surrounded by a series of serious allegations, as the music mogul faced a bunch of sexual assault lawsuits against him in late 2023 and the first quarter of 2024. On March 25, Homeland Security raided Diddy’s Los Angeles and Miami houses as a part of the sex-trafficking investigation that is already being held in New York.

    The public’s reaction to this feud has been mixed. A video commentary on YouTube criticized King Combs’ actions and questioned his judgment, highlighting the seriousness of the allegations against his father. 

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