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    50 Cent Would Be Happy if His Son Suddenly Died

    Just when you thought the two’s relationship couldn’t get anymore toxic. It has!

    On Instagram, 50’s son, Marquis, posted a interesting picture. In the picture, Marquis is standing next to Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff’s son. Kenneth McGriff is the man responsible for the nine shots that almost killed 50 Cent back in the day.  Now anyone who respects their father, would never do this, but Marquis is an exception.

    He and 50 have never had a healthy relationship. Instagram has been the battle ground for most of their online beefs, and it’s just gotten uglier and uglier.

    After seeing the picture, 50 expressed how felt with a comment.

    At the end of the day, it’s tough to say who’s taken it too far. Some might say Marquis is disrespectful for taking sides with the family responsible for trying to kill his own father. Other will say 50 Cent  needs to be a better father.

    Although it may be a naive thing to wish for, hopefully these two van bury the hatchet in 2019.


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