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    50 Cent Scammed Out of Millions by Cheating Ex-Employee

    50 Cent got scammed out of millions by a former employee who secretly pocketed kickbacks from wholesalers. According to court records, Mitchell Green, the director of brand management for Sire Spirits’ Le Chemin du Roi champagne, up-charged wholesalers and pocketed the extra kickbacks he earned.

    He was caught in 2020 and was fired by the rap star. The court ordered Green to pay over $6 million, including pre-judgment interest, attorney fees and arbitrator compensation.

    Mitchel Green

    Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson has been scammed out of millions by his former brand manager, who stole over $2 million from his company. According to reports, Mitchel Green cheated his former boss by up-charging wholesalers for Le Chemin du Roi champagne, and pocketed the excess profit.

    In a lawsuit filed against him in 2020, Green admitted to pricing up the already $200 Branson cognac and $150 Le Chemin du Roi champagne, stating that they had to pay agency fees, and then pocketing the extra cash. He was ordered to pay back the pocketed money, plus another $948,096 paid to a wholesaler and $2.7 million in attorneys fees for a total of $6.2 million, court records show.

    50 Cent’s alcohol and champagne business continues to thrive, even with the loss. The Power mogul’s latest event, Tycoon Weekend in Houston last weekend, featured a number of high-end liquor sponsors.

    Michael Caruso

    The rap superstar 50 Cent is now on the hook after a seven-figure lawsuit against an unscrupulous ex-employee he hired to oversee his champagne brand. That employee, Mitchell Green, cheated the rapper out of millions by pocketing kickbacks and inflating Le Chemin du Roi champagne prices until he was caught.

    He was also a star wrestler, racking up 81 victories and three state titles at a small Catholic prep school in Newark. He won three NCAA and three Eastern Intercollegiate championships at 123 pounds and was named the EIWA’s outstanding wrestler, as well as its top scholar-athlete.

    Now Caruso, a former editor at The Hill and the Smithsonian Institution, is the chief executive officer of The New Republic. In his role at the 109-year-old publication, he will be tasked with developing events that monetize its brand equity and increase its presence in cultural hubs.

    In his first executive position, Caruso hopes to replicate a successful strategy that helped the Smithsonian and The Hill attract celebrities and industry specialists to their annual activations. He will also use his experience in experiential marketing to increase The New Republic’s presence and help it win highly contested digital advertising budgets.

    Sire Spirits

    Hip-hop entrepreneur 50 Cent’s booze business thrived with the launch of his Branson Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi champagne in 2018, and 2019, through his company, Sire Spirits. But one of his employees suckered him out of millions by secretly pocketing kickbacks and jacking up prices, court records show.

    Mitchell Green, who worked as the director of Brand Management at Sire Spirits, allegedly skimmed $2.2 million in kickbacks from wholesalers for Le Chemin du Roi champagne, created through 50 Cent’s brand. He was caught in 2020, after two years of embezzling from Sire Spirits, and was fired.

    Following a Manhattan arbitrator’s ruling, Green has been found liable for the money he embezzled, as well as an additional $948,096 paid to a wholesaler. As a consequence, he has been ordered to pay a staggering total of $6.2 million, which includes $2.7 million in attorneys’ fees, costs, and damages. Now, 50 Cent is pursuing legal action against the individual responsible for deceiving him out of his fortune, and justice may finally be within reach.

    Beam Suntory

    Beam Suntory is a premium spirits company that combines the world’s leading bourbon distiller with the pioneer of Japanese whisky. Its history spans three hundred and fifty years, with brand identity rooted in heritage and a deep passion for craftsmanship.

    Beam is the world’s largest bourbon distiller, with Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark brands. It also produces Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Hibiki Japanese whiskies.

    The company’s culture is rooted in East-meets-West, with elements of art and wellness blending to create a socially vibrant office that encourages employees to explore the company’s story and inspire human connections. The new Enso design-build solution incorporates murals that tell stories about Beam’s multi-cultural history, along with a central community space that reflects Beam Suntory’s values of balance and connection.

    Beam Suntory’s digital asset management (DAM) system, Widen, is the central source of truth for brand content across its portfolio. With the system, users can access essential content with a click, and streamline brand storytelling at scale.

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